Philosophy of The Distinction

3 February 2018 N.W. Flitcraft 0

The article reproduced here was first published as “The Distinction and the Priority of Philosophy” on the website of the Philos-Sophia Initiative. A key element of Wolfgang Smith’s thought is his

Friendship & Affectionship

23 January 2018 N.W. Flitcraft 0

Anyone who has read C. S. Lewis’ The Four Loves  is aware that there are four terms in ancient Greek corresponding to four related but different meanings of the English word

Scholium on Architectonic Philosophy

1 November 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

I have always found Aristotle’s description of metaphysics as an ‘architectonic science’ right on the mark. I certainly think of philosophy architectonically, as opposed to ‘dialectically’. Actually, I fancy this

Jacob Klein on the Liberal Arts

15 October 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

Jacob Klein (1899–1978)* The quaternity of the original liberal arts — Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy [the Quadrivium] — is characterized by the immensely fascinating fact that their content can be understood and

Defining Ontology

8 August 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

The following consists of an attempt to postulate “ontology” as a science in itself—included in, but not synonymous with, metaphysics—realized upon reflection of the full meaning of being or existence

Planned Paralysis

1 August 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

“The American founders took [the view that] government was not the center of society, and politics was not the most important thing. Government was a necessary evil that had to

Herbert’s Formula

28 June 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

In his poem “Easter,”1Read the poem at Breviary Hymns. George Herbert employs three primary images, appointed to the first three stanzas, respectively, heart, lute, and song. The heart, in the biological

On Reading Poems

17 April 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

I’ve been asked to give a lesson or “crash course” on reading poetry, and now that it’s been brought to my attention, I think it might actually be one of

The Mathematician’s Approach

14 March 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

Philosophy in contemporary academia is inveterately ‘scholarly’, much of the time seeming to take the approach of a legal proceeding rather than a speculative inquiry into the nature of things.

Love’s Relative Constancy

11 January 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

In the explication of his theory of special relativity, Albert Einstein pointed out that in order to call geometrical propositions “true” they should have a physical referent, something to have