Jacob Klein on the Liberal Arts

15 October 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

Jacob Klein (1899–1978)* The quaternity of the original liberal arts — Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy [the Quadrivium] — is characterized by the immensely fascinating fact that their content can be understood and therefore learned and therefore known. The Greek

Defining Ontology

8 August 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

The following consists of an attempt to postulate “ontology” as a science in itself—included in, but not synonymous with, metaphysics—realized upon reflection of the full meaning of being or existence

The Mathematician’s Approach

14 March 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

Philosophy in contemporary academia is inveterately “scholarly,” much of the time seeming to take the approach of a legal proceeding rather than a speculative inquiry into the nature of things.