Philosophy of The Distinction

3 February 2018 N.W. Flitcraft 0

Editor’s Note:  The article reproduced here was first published as “The Distinction and the Priority of Philosophy” on the website of the Philos-Sophia Initiative. *   *   * A key element of

Defining Ontology

8 August 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

The following consists of an attempt to postulate “ontology” as a science in itself—included in, but not synonymous with, metaphysics—realized upon reflection of the full meaning of being or existence

The Mathematician’s Approach

14 March 2017 N.W. Flitcraft 0

Philosophy in contemporary academia is inveterately ‘scholarly’, much of the time seeming to take the approach of a legal proceeding rather than a speculative inquiry into the nature of things.